The Crucial Need for Fairness in Online Gambling

Fairness in Online Gambling

Online casinos have exploded in popularity over the last decade. As technology improves and more jurisdictions regulate internet gaming, players have more options than ever when looking to play casino games online. However, with the rapid growth of the industry, some unscrupulous operators have taken advantage of lax regulations in certain countries to offer games and services that are not fair to players. This is why fair play certifications have become crucial for reputable online casinos, for instance QuatroCasino.

Fair play certifications ensure that an online casino’s games abide by accepted standards for random number generation (RNG), payout percentages, and general transparency. These certifications are awarded by independent auditing companies after extensive tests and reviews. By only playing at certified fair casinos, players can have confidence that the games they play are truly random and that they have a legitimate chance to win.

The Importance of Random Number Generators

One of the most important aspects of fair play is the reliance on properly functioning random number generators. RNGs are complex algorithms that produce the random outcomes for all casino games. Whether it’s the spin of a roulette wheel, the deal of a blackjack hand, or the results of a slot machine spin, RNGs determine everything.

If RNGs are compromised or defective, the results of games can be manipulated or predicted. This allows unscrupulous operators to cheat players by altering the odds to guarantee the house always wins. Independent auditors rigorously test the RNGs of online casinos to ensure they comply with statistical norms for randomness. Casinos that pass RNG certifications can definitively prove that their games are fair.

Guaranteed Payout Percentages

Another key aspect of fair play is that online casino games reliably pay out at the advertised rate. All casino games have built-in mathematical odds that determine how much of each bet the house keeps over time. The remainder is paid back out to players as winnings, which is reflected as the payout percentage.

Slot machines may be advertised as paying back 96% to players, while other games like blackjack or video poker may pay back over 99% if played with perfect strategy. Regulators and auditors verify that the games indeed return the stated percentage over the long run. This protects players from games that pay less than they rightfully should.

Ongoing Monitoring for Consistency

Getting certified for fair play is not a one-and-done process for online casinos. The best certification bodies also continuously monitor sites to ensure they maintain compliance standards. Auditors may perform surprise inspections and tests to confirm that RNGs remain random and payout rates stay consistent.

This ongoing oversight deters casinos from temporarily altering games to improve profits during busy periods. It also catches issues early if a software update inadvertently impacts game fairness. Regular monitoring provides players with ongoing assurance that certified sites make fairness a priority at all times.

Increased Transparency and Accountability

In addition to RNGs and payouts, certifications also require online casinos to meet transparency and accountability standards. Sites must publish their ownership details, operator licenses, testing certifications, and rules for player disputes.

This transparency allows players to research who operates a site, where it is licensed, and that it meets all regulatory requirements. Players also have clearly defined processes to follow if any issues arise with the casino. This gives customers confidence in using sites backed by fair play certifications.

Here is a table comparing some top fair play certification bodies:

Certification Body Testing Criteria Ongoing Monitoring Sample Certified Sites
eCOGRA RNGs, payouts, game rules Quarterly review BetMGM, DraftKings
iTech Labs RNGs, payouts, security Continuous BetRivers, FanDuel
Gaming Associates Game math, bonuses, events Annual audits Annual audits Caesars, Betway
BMM Testlabs BMM Testlabs RNGs, game fairness, security Semi-annual review Hard Rock, Bet365

In Summary

Fair play certifications have become essential signifiers of quality for legal online casinos. Major testing labs are continually advancing auditing standards to ensure sites meet strict fairness and transparency requirements. By only playing at properly certified casinos, players can avoid rogue operators while enjoying games they can trust are truly random and paying out properly. As internet gaming continues growing in regulated markets, fair play certifications need to be mandatory for all operators that want to demonstrate integrity to customers.


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